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80.000 tons

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15+ countries

Exporting our products

Since 1990, we have been sourcing and purchasing raw materials from all around the world on behalf of our clients. Our primary focus lies in the packaging and marketing of mineral and organic pigments tailored specifically for industrial applications. It's important to highlight that our business is not something that can be improvised; it’s built upon the solid foundation of over a century's worth of experience gained as producers in the fundamental chemical industry.


Our know-how relies on 3 key points

pigments Somefor Ressources


Our network of international relationships enables us to source pigments at the best prices.

Knowledge Somefor Ressources


Our comprehensive understanding of industrial constraints, especially concerning quality and its long-term management.

Experience Somefor Ressources


Our daily experience in all aspects of logistics, combined with our close proximity to customers on the ground.

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