Pep pellets

PEP - pigments in granular form

Predispersed Encapsulated Pigments

The latest generation of PEP pellets consists of pigments

encapsulated and pre-blended within a matrix

PEP Advantages

User friendly

User-friendly and environmentally conscious

The use of PEP eliminates the generation of dust generated by the handling of pigments. Presented in granular form, PEP offers exceptional convenience in terms of handling and storage. Completely sealed from their environment, definitively eliminating the nuisances experienced with traditional powder pigments, PEP respect users, facilities, and the environment.
High Colour Strenght

High colouring strenght

PEP shows a higher colour strength and intensity compared to traditional powder pigments.
Bordeaux Bridge

Improved performance in bituminous mixtures

PEP is mainly used in the public works sector. It represents a significant breakthrough in colouring road surfaces, significantly improving the performance and implementation of manufacturing.

PEP enhances the homogeneity of colouration within the mixture, facilitates superior adhesion of pigments to aggregates, and strengthen the durability of the coloured road surface.

A wide range of colours is available. To find out more, download our colour chart.

Our PEP are available in hot-melt bags, Big Bag or Bulk.

Our pigments are also available in powder and pigment paste.

For specific requirements, our R&D department can create customised products.

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Our PEP colour chart

Colour chart PEP FR

Our PEP brochure

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