Powder pigments


Mineral and organic pigments

We offer a wide range of colours in high-quality organic and mineral powder pigments.

Powder pigments in hand

Organic pigments

Before the advent of synthetic production methods, pigments were often derived from animal or plant sources. Organic pigments are known for their wide range of vivid and vibrant colours.

Application areas: 

• Cosmetics
• Paints
• Inks


Red powder pigment

Mineral pigments

Mineral pigments are derived from rocks, minerals, or synthetic minerals, and their colour is often influenced by the chemical composition of the original mineral. Mineral pigments are known for their resistance to light, heat, and weather conditions, as well as their exceptional durability.

Application areas:

• Building materials
• Plastics
• Rubber

• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceuticals

• Glassmaking

Our pigments are available in many colours. 
Packed in heat-sealed bags or big bags.

For further details and inquiries, please contact our sales department.

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