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These are the values on which SOMEFOR Ressources was founded and which have been the key to its success.


The origins

The origins of SOMEFOR (Société Méridionale de Formulation) can be traced back to the 19th century when the 'société des Blancs de Zinc de la Méditerranée' was established in 1893. This family business specialised in the production of zinc oxide and 'ground white,' which served as a precursor to paint.

In 1990, Somefor emerged as a separate entity from this structure and steadily expanded its presence in both professional and consumer markets, both in France and internationally.

Simultaneously, a department within the organisation focused on packaging and selling mineral and organic pigments for various industrial applications. This division experienced significant growth and eventually transformed into an independent entity in 2013, known today as Somefor Ressources


1893, creation société des Blancs de Zinc de la Méditerranée
1990, start-up Somefor
2005, building our first plant and manufacture our first pellets
2013, Somefor Ressources as an independent entity
2023, building a second plant

Climate of trust

We have built a strong foundation of trust with our customers over the years, allowing us to collaborate and maintain long-term relationships with leading companies. Our flexibility enables us to provide a wide range of manufacturing and service solutions with expertise.

At Somefor Ressources, we prioritise the well-being of our consumers and the protection of the environment. We dedicate our skills and efforts to stay at the forefront of this field and actively participate in sustainable development policies. As a result, we have earned numerous certifications for our commitment to quality. Our approach goes beyond complying with current legislation; we also proactively anticipate future regulatory criteria. By doing so, we consistently maintain a "head start" in safeguarding our planet and promoting the health of our users.


Somefor Ressources has gained expertise in pigment development and manufacturing through its ability to adapt, respond quickly, and continuously innovate. Our logistical expertise also ensure reliable order preparation and on-time delivery.

We value our customers' input on a daily basis, which has helped us become a leader in our industry. This approach has given us valuable experience and long-term visibility in the market.

Somefor Ressources is a subsidiary of SASU FRADING, which also holds ownership of the companies within the MAESTRIA Group. 

The MAESTRIA Group specialises in the design, manufacturing, and sale of paints.

Our primary focus lies in applications involving coloured asphalt,

although our specialization extends to other activities involving pigments as well.

Somefor Factory Pamiers


Somefor Ressources owns two French production factories strategically located to meet customer needs. Our first site in Martigues near Marseille ensures efficient deliveries with its ample storage capacity and proximity to ports.

Our new factory in Pamiers, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enhances our ability to provide quality products and quick response times.

Factory Martigues

Somefor Ressources is proud owner of two production factories in France to meet the needs of its customers. Our first factory is located in the heart of the mineral port of Martigues (13500), in the region of Marseille. Its spacious storage capacity, strategic geographical location near port and logistics facilities, enables us to ensure our deliveries in France and internationally under the best conditions.

Factory Pamiers

Our new and second factory, situated in Pamiers, south of Toulouse, boasts a large production and storage space of nearly 7000m2, equipped with the latest technologies. Our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to ensure quality and efficiency throughout our manufacturing and delivery process.

These two production factories allow us to respond better to the needs of our customers.. With ample production and storage capacity, we can respond swiftly, even during periods of high demand. Our dedicated technical and commercial team is available to address any inquiries and collaborate on future projects.  By putting ourselves at the service of our customers, we make their satisfaction a priority.

We are proud to offer today a more environmentally friendly production, thanks to our new production factory. The manufacturing processes have been adapted to minimize our impact on the environment. We have chosen to use more durable materials, made significant reductions in energy consumption, and worked on waste recovery. We are committed to environmental protection, and our new production factory reflects this commitment.

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Research and development is at the heart of our strategy: supporting and developing are our daily ambitions. Our laboratory team innovates and tests new formulas, new colors to develop the products our customers need.

Our laboratory activities:

  • Production of Pigment Granules
  • Manufacture of pigments concentrates
  • Development of new shades
  • Colourimetric control
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Innovation
  • Companies that trust us:

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