Green coloured asphalt bicycle lane


There are various methods to apply colour to road surfaces. However, coloured asphalt stands out as the most sustainable technique. Discover the advantages of this application and have a look at projects showcasing the use of coloured asphalt to get a sense of its visual impact and effectiveness.


Several reasons for chosing coloured asphalt

Red coloured asphalt for safety

Improve road safety

The use of coloured asphalt mixtures increases visual contrasts and delineates distinct areas, thereby improving road visibility and safety for all road users. International studies have demonstrated the benefits of applying colours to distinguish traffic streams, including bike lanes, sidewalks, parking areas, emergency lanes, and directional islands.

Combating urban heat island effect

Colours to combat the urban heat island effect

Due to climate change, the urban heat island effect impacts more than 80% of people residing in urban areas.However, the implementation of coloured asphalt mixtures presents a promising remedy by reducing surface temperatures by up to 10°C compared to traditional dark asphalt.

Light coloured asphalt tunnel reducing light consumption

Colours for energy reduction

Using lighter shades in asphalt mixtures not only improves visibility but also reduces the required lighting intensity, resulting in energy savings. This benefit is particularly advantageous during nighttime and in tunnel environments.

Yellow coloured asphalt patrimony

Colours for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Seamless integration of colours is crucial for harmoniously blending asphalt into its surroundings. Coloured asphalt mixtures can improve sites by incorporating a variety of colours.  It has the ability to enhance various sites, including schoolyards, playgrounds, parks, gardens, residential streets, and more.

There are multiple reasons for applying coloured asphalt in a variety of applications. It offers more than just visual appeal; it also plays a role in tackling urban challenges and enhancing road safety. When light-coloured asphalt is applied, it actively fights the Urban Heat Island effect by creating cooler surroundings, it also reduces the energy light consumption. Additionally, coloured asphalt effectively guides traffic flow, leading to a more comprehensible traffic situation and therefore enhancing traffic safety.

Below some examples of coloured asphalt applications: